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Family Fun Since 1967!

The San Antonio Rattlesnake Festival began in 1967 as a small Jaycee project in San Antonio, Florida. In 1973, arts and crafts were added as an important part of the event. The Rattlesnake and Gopher Enthusiasts (R.A.G.E., Inc.) managed and grew the event successfully until 2012. From 2012 - 2016, the festival was managed by Rotary Clubs as a fund raiser for local charities and in 2017 the Thomas Promise Foundation stepped in to continue this great community festival. This year the festival will move to the Pasco County Fairgrounds to allow for ease of parking and festival growth, but the traditional activities will remain central to the event.

Food, arts & crafts, live music, wildlife, children’s games, and local history are highlighted each year. Family fun and entertainment are a main focus of the event.

History of the Rattlesnake Festival

The Mission of the Thomas Promise Foundation is to provide meals for Pasco County's school children who do not have regular access to nutritional meals on weekends when school is not in session. Each week we pack more than 1,400 backpacks with safe, non-perishable, and nutritious food to see them through the weekend. We also help provide for summer feeding programs.

We also help with field trips, school clothes, and sports expenses for kids that might otherwise do without. Our goal is to provide children the things they need to flourish, and grow, into the future of our community. Join your friends and neighbors in helping us brighten the future of your community, and it's children!

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